Now you can get the free .tk domain for 2 years with DNS support. You need to do is just to follow these simple steps.

1. Sign up for the .tk domain with the link available at the bottom of this post.

2 Add new domain from you TK control panel. You will get the domain that is just the URL redirector.

3. Login to you account and apply for Ambassador Program. Once it get confirmed you will get referral link related to you domain and the linking code. Like the one i got
My domain:

4. Use your referral or linking code and earn 6 virtual fish for each new sign up.

5. Collect these virtual fish and exchange it with other products on DOT TK Barter Market. But your fish must be fresh to exchange.

You can get:

Dot TK Baseball Cap for 50 FISH

Set of stickers for 75 FISH

Dot TK Paid Domain for 100 FISH

Dot TK Polo Shirt for 100 FISH

T-Shirt with your domain for 150 FISH

Dot TK WiFi detector for 200 FISH

Set of 100 pens for 250 FISH

Dot TK Webcam for 250 FISH

Dot TK Digital Camera for 350 FISH

Set of Baseball Caps for 500 FISH

Digital Photo Frame for 500 FISH

Set of Zipper Bags for 750 FISH

MYDOMAIN.TK on the pics will be your own domain name.

Apply today for it so you can refer other who doesn't know about this great offer.

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Sorry for my poor English.