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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Java Lesson 01

Java Programming Language


  • Java developed at Sun Microsist in 1991 by James Jostling and named "Oak".
  • Sun Miccrosistem formally announced Java in 1995.

 What is Java 

  • Java is an object oriented programming language and can not write structured program.  functions are called method. 
  • Java has set off standardized class libraries that supported predefined reusable functionality.
  •  Java has a run time environment that can be embedded in web browsers and Operating Systems.
  • Unit of a program is the class from which object are created.
  • Automatic garbage connection.
  • Single inheritent only.
  • Each class connection data and methods which are used to manifulate the data.
  • Multi threaded  which allows several operations to be excetuted concorently.
  • A rich set of class and methods are avalable in Java class libraries.
  • Platform independent.

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